Do you find yourself struggling to find time and energy to prepare meals or to eat healthier?

Are your daily stresses and obligations keeping you from fully appreciating and enjoying what matters most to you?

Are you tired of eating out or spending money on unsatisfying takeout?

The Grateful Table can help!

Let us handle your meal planning, shopping, prep, cooking and kitchen cleanup so that all you have to do is come home and enjoy a delicious meal made specifically for you.

The Grateful Table provides delicious farm to table meals as a healthy alternative to processed food bringing you back to the dinner table and giving you precious time to relax and enjoy what matters most.

Our mission is to provide custom-made wholesome meals that showcase the availability and quality of local and sustainably produced ingredients made with mindfulness and gratitude to those who help us bring these ingredients to your table.

Contact us today.  Dinner is waiting for you! 

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The perfect service for:

  • Career-focused individuals or couples
  • Busy Families
  • New parents
  • Seniors retiring from the kitchen
  • Individuals with specific dietary needs
  • Medically recovering individuals
  • Individuals who do not enjoy cooking or would rather spend valuable time other ways
  • Individuals interested in buying local and sustainably produced real food 
  • CSA shareholders who are not sure what to do with all that kale