Meet the Chefs

We are a mother-daughter team who credits our love of cooking and our passion for gathering and nourishing family and friends around delicious meals and good conversation to past generations of excellent home cooks who brought love and lasting memories to every meal. Whether a quick weeknight dinner or a party for 50 or more, they passed on an appreciation for quality ingredients and meals served with love.

We are members of the American Personal and Private Chef Association, are Certified ServSafe Food Safety Managers and carry liability insurance.

Please read more about our journeys to become personal chefs. 


Chef Mary Stewart

My nuclear family was a meat and potato, salt and pepper, Betty Crocker au gratin family. There had been moments of culinary variation from my mid-western relatives whose cooking skills paid homage to the wonderful garden and farm fresh ingredients at hand, but for the most part, herbs, spices and garlic rarely came to our table. Fortunately my father took an overseas assignment during my childhood, leading to my mother enrolling in an Asian cooking class. Long marinating and slow cooking Soy Sauced Chicken became one of her new favorite dishes and fresh ginger, soy sauce and chinese five spice exploded on my palate and opened up a world of new flavor to me.   

Marrying into a very large Italian American family with many wonderful cooks continued to widen my experience and cooking repertoire. This solidified my love of bringing people together through good food and conversation whether for a small dinner or large celebrations.  

Fresh, mostly unprocessed ingredients have always been important to me from the start. From making baby food thirty years ago, baking bread and dragging four children to pick-your-own fruit and vegetable farms or relishing the first tomatoes from the backyard, I learned that “fresh is best”. Cookbooks and culinary magazines lined my cupboards and shelves and were read thoroughly and referenced extensively. Although culinary training was not to be, through my son, a trained chef  I have learned to hone my technique and speed and through my daughter, educated in nutrition and sustainable agriculture, I now understand how important it is to honor the work of the farmers who bring us the ingredients to create extraordinary meals.  

Bringing food when there is a new birth or coordinating meals when there is illness or death in a family was a large facet of my life. As Chef Art Smith has said “ the simple act of breaking bread together strengthens our relationships with others and brings balance to our lives”.  

Gathering people together and nurturing and nourishing one another go hand in hand. After many years of bringing family, friends and coworkers together to create lasting memories centered around delicious meals, I have been lucky to embark on this journey with my daughter to bring fresh comforting food to your table also.  

 Chef Katie Enterline

Through my Italian Grandmother (Nonna) and my now business partner and mother who is a wonderful self-taught cook, food has always been a cornerstone in my life. I was fortunate to be nourished by delicious home cooked meals and taught how to show love to others through cooking. Nothing brings me more joy than preparing meals for friends and family whether it is a meal for a casual get together, a special occasion or to help someone in need.

Food and where our food comes from has been present in many aspects of my professional life. I worked my way through college in the restaurant business as a server for 4 years. After college, as an AmeriCorps member, I planned and prepared meals for my team of 8 after long days of community service projects sometimes over camp stove in the desert. From then, I had the amazing experience of working for a season on a Community Supported Agriculture Farm in Colorado where my passion for not only cooking meals with delicious seasonal vegetables (literally right out of the soil) but also understanding the importance of supporting local and sustainable production practices was truly sparked. I also spent time working for an organic produce market trying to find ways to purchase more produce from local farmers and then as an environmental educator at two working farms in the DC area educating the next generation on where our food comes from. I received my Master’s Degree in Agriculture, Food and Environmental Science and Policy from Tufts University to further understand the connection of food and public and environmental health. While in graduate school, I spent a summer in Maine growing produce in urban gardens and teaching healthy cooking classes to people of all ages. After graduate school, I worked for the Wallace Center working with entrepreneurs and communities throughout the United States to help build a healthier food system --one in which healthy, sustainably-produced food is more prevalent and accessible to all.

Finally, my burning desire, what can be called the “need to feed”, couldn't be tamed and I decided to combine my passion for cooking and creating a healthier food system into one career as a personal chef with the person who has taught me the most about cooking, my mother. I fully understand the difficulty of preparing fresh, healthy meals on a regular basis in this time-crunched world and it is my mission to help make this easier so you have more time to enjoy the things that matter most to you. I am excited about this new journey in my life and I can’t wait to share my passion with you!