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What clients are saying about The Grateful Table.....

"We are a busy professional couple. We both work over 40 hours a week and spend approximately 10 hours commuting into Washington, DC. The last thing either of us wants to do when we get home is think about what to make for dinner or prepare dinner. Unfortunately, this means many nights we are eating sandwiches or cereal for dinner. We are so thankful that The Grateful Table saved us from food boredom!

Katie and Mary were incredibly warm and patient as they talked with us about our food preferences. We actually thought about food for the first time in years - what would be our ideal meal; what herbs would we like to try; and were there any specific ethnic foods we would like to sample? After a personal meeting with them, they sent us a variety of options for meals from which we could choose. To be honest - it was incredibly fun to think about our food options. 

Katie and Mary came into our home - but the only reason we knew they were here is because of all the wonderful food in our refrigerator and freezer. We came home to an immaculate kitchen and some of the most delicious food. We were able to eat the most delicious meatloaf - something we both had been craving but never had the time to make - along with mashed potatoes and vegetables.  

The Grateful Table allowed us to experience food again - something we never had time for.

 We are both making a conscious effort to try and eat healthy real food - and The Grateful Table allows us to meet that goal.  Katie and Mary are truly wonderful - and our happy and full stomachs are grateful we found them!"

Brad and Maureen Soles,  Odenton, MD

"When our new baby, Caden, came home in March 2013 we were overwhelmed with joy, but also with the new responsibilities that quickly encompassed our lives. It was then that we turned to The Grateful Table to help us. 

Although we had never used a personal chef service before and weren't quite sure what to expect, Katie and Mary at The Grateful Table made the process simple and fun for us. We were amazed at the variety of meals. It was just as easy as ordering off a menu at a restaurant, but even better, as the meals were all made exactly to our specifications and liking. On cook days Katie and Mary arrived ready to cook, bringing smiles along with their own knives, pots and pans, equipment, spatulas and even paper towels. Our kitchen became a cheerful place again with the joyful sounds of chopping and sauteing, and delicious smells filling every room. They took food safety very seriously, ensuring that all meals were brought down to their proper temperatures for storing in our freezer for the week. 

In those first few months I can't tell you enough what a joy and a relief it was to open our refrigerator and freezer and take out such delicious meals as chicken and spinach lasagna with creamy basil sauce, sweet potato and black bean enchiladas, and coconut crusted chicken with apricot sauce and baby bok choy. Katie and Mary expertly handled the gargantuan task of cooking gluten free for us, making creative and challenging dishes like Roasted Vegetable Polenta Pizza, Quinoa stuffed Portobello Mushrooms, and Butternut Squash and Kale lasagna with Smoky Marinara Sauce. Every meal was packed with fresh ingredients, beautifully arranged in its dish, and *delicious.* We unabashedly found ourselves licking our plates clean, bargaining with each other over the last piece of a dish, and eagerly anticipating the next cook date. Best of all, we found that we were not only being fed, our spirits were being nourished. Every dish was so lovingly prepared; it was as if our own mother and sister were looking after us through these meals. 

Ultimately, having The Grateful Table cook for us was one of the best decisions we have ever made. We have never eaten so well in our lives as we did during those wonderful months. More so - Katie and Mary gave us a precious gift - time that we would've spent grocery shopping and cooking and cleaning to instead bond with our baby. We are beyond grateful to The Grateful Table and would gladly and happily welcome them to our home again. We hope you will too." 

Stacia and Dominic Kiraly,  Arlington, VA

"Oh WOW!!!!  The chicken pot pie was the most amazing stuff we have ever had.  We loved it ---what we didn't finish last night, was lunch today and we squabbled over who took the leftovers to work!!!  The bread was incredible and we loved the salad.  We decided our kitchen last night was better than any restaurant around.  

I shared a puff pastry with a friend at work.  Yummy.  She loved it.   She wanted to know what my recipe was for the wonderfully flaky pastry crust----well I was busted!!!!  Carl shared muffins with our real estate agent and his assistant.  They just raved over how good they were.  

So, the food has been a HUGE HIT!!!! "

Jo Lynn Perry, Arlington, VA

"We highly recommend the personal chef services provided by the dynamic mother-daughter team, Katie & Mary. Katie & Mary are a warm and friendly duo who have incredible menu offerings to choose from. We were truly impressed and overcome by the quality and deliciousness of each and every meal. We LOVE the meals! They are simply delicious! We had friends over for the cod and they absolutely loved it, we were all but battling for the last yummy green bean!  The Grateful Table gave us the chance to get out of a rut of being tired of our own cooking & of the same old take-out food, while maintaining the coziness & convenience of dining in our own home."

Jennifer and Steve, College Park, MD

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"I know you heard us sing your praises in person, but I wanted to take the time to tell you that your food, service and thoughtfulness were outstanding. We've loved everything. Thank you, thank you."

Lori Love, Silver Spring, MD

"As a working mother of three children under the age of five, taking time out of my busy schedule to cook and prepare dinner for a family of five every night was becoming overwhelming. The Grateful Table (Chef Katie and Chef Mary) came to my rescue! Not only were the meals they prepared for us amazing, healthy, and delicious, their professionalism, communication with us, and kind spirits made our life so much easier and were able to enjoy our dinners together as a family more. I was so grateful for having more time with the kids in the evening rather than cooking for an hour in the kitchen! I would recommend The Grateful Table to anyone! Thank you Chef Katie and Chef Mary!"

Tina Furnkranz, Cheverly, MD